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CCTV Cameras and accessories

CCTV Cameras, Analog Security Camera (CVBS) CCTV cameras are a type of security camera that uses an analog video signal (CVBS / Composite Video Baseband Signal) to capture video surveillance footage. Analog CCTV cameras are hard wired to surveillance DVRs and monitors using coax cable such as RG59.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems CCTV

As leading Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems CCTV supplier Proftech offer CCTV installation solution for your home security systems or for monitoring commercial premises  installation that is robust and can go for many years with little or no maintenance. In the wake of illicit happenings, providing security to the business and home environment is extremely important. Have you ever thought about the implementation of CCTV security surveillance at your home or office premises? Definitely, it’s one of the finest systems that extend an additional line of protection to your important assets and premises The challenge of the surveillance is perfectly benign in the hands of CCTV systems. Once you have clearly identified the risks and vulnerabilities, now that it’s time to install the latest CCTV security systems. CCTV security surveillance will not just increase the protection, but will also enhance the employee productivity as well.

Today’s CCTV systems can be best utilized for the wide security coverage and utmost convenience; it also has the capability of producing high resolution images and can even capture the minute details of the happenings. Video surveillance solutions can give you the tools you need to protect and manage your business. Security camera equipment is a strong deterrent against fraud and theft, and gives you the recorded footage you need to audit activity and make informed decisions. Proftech offers a variety of digital video solutions that can allow you to have a superior level of control over your surveillance system and the ability to access to it from anywhere in the world.

A video security solution for your business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to install. In most cases the security solution will pay for itself within months by deterring theft, reducing shrink, preventing liability claims, and increasing employee productivity.

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