Electric Fence Security Proftech

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Electric Fence Security
Electric Fence Security, provide electric fences for a wide range of sites, starting from farms and residential premises to highly sensitive areas.

These electric fences feature an effective deterrence against all types of intrusion. At proftech, we offer high-quality military-grade barbed wire fencing and a surveillance network to add to your security network, for providing maximum security. The electric fences can be customized as per the desired security levels.

The condition of the wiring and connections
The type & quality of fencing wire you are using
How well the live wire is insulated
An effective earth system is essential
Poor vegetation control, allowing vegetation to touch the wires
Live wires touching grounded objects.

An electric fence will only work efficiently if the energizer & earth wires are earthed effectively.  Instarect has seen unearthed electrical fence installations by the many inexperienced installers. These fences are of very little genuine deterrent.

Electric Fence Security, any home will not be secure until you have enough security. The most basic security measure is the one that keeps the intruder at a bay with no access to your home or premises. At proftech power system, we are professional security company dealing with installation of security systems in Kenya and in East African Region, we install, repair, maintain and service all types of Electric Fences and Razor Wire Fence. We also supply, install and advice other security systems like CCTV and IP Surveillance Cameras, Biometric Attendance Systems, Metal Detectors, Automatic Fire and Burglar/Intruder Alarms among many other security systems.