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We install CCTV systems for small, medium and large scale clients whether it be a single room or an entire office complex. We have partnered with trusted and experienced suppliers of high quality CCTV systems which can work well during the day and night to provide total security coverage and remote viewing via PC, tablet or mobile phone. We have highly trained and experienced installation technicians.


We install configure and maintain biometric access control systems. These systems include cutting-edge biometric security devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners and face recongination readers. Unlike keys, cards or number sequences, biometric security readers provide access control that cannot be transferred. There is just no way to fake it - a person must be physically present at the point of identification in order to gain access.


Fire-Lite Alarm’s product line is ideal for any building that needs multi-zoned fire evacuation and mass notification system that’s easy to install and maintain.


Our design principles are derived from the successes of today’s Internet, reflecting our understanding of the strengths and limitations of the current Internet architecture.

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