Agility 2-way Wireless LCD Keypad

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Agility 2-way Wireless LCD Keypad

Agility 2-way Wireless LCD Keypad, is a modern, streamlined keypad that enables the user to remotely control and operate the Agility security system.

Using the modern blue LCD display and the Multi-language support, the system is easy to operate either using the keypad itself or a proximity tag. The keypad can be used for both arming/disarming the system as well as activating home appliances.

The Agility keypad 2-Way LCD is easy to install using a dedicated mounting bracket. Being fully 2-way, the keypad can be mounted in an easily accessible location close to the main entrance, with the control panel safely installed out of the sight of intruders.

A major advantage of the two-way LCD keypad is that one can use it for full installer programming of the Agility system. Easy to use menus and the adaptive menu tree options according to hardware installed, makes the keypad a friendly installation tool.

Agility keypad 2-Way LCD Features;

  • Fully wireless installer programming and end-user operation
  • Blue LCD and backlight
  • Up to 3 keypads per system
  • 2-Button emergency keys
  • Simple operation for arm/disarm using a proximity tag
  • Simplified menu logic- displays only relevant menus according to hardware configuration, accessories installed and authorization level
  • Multilingual support
  • Bracket to wall for easy installation
  • Double tamper protection
  • Battery save mode
  • Available in 868MHz and 433MHz
  • Compatible with RISCO systems: Agility™,
  • Model names: RW132KP, RW132KPP (Including proximity)


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