IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel 8 zone proftech

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IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel 8 zone proftech

IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel 8 zone is a versatile, state of the art, microprocessor based, eight-zone Alarm Panel. Most features are optional and may be programmed either directly through the keypad or via the telephone system, using the IDS download software and appropriate modem.IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel There are eight programmable burglary zones, appropriate siren, auxiliary power outputs and 5 outputs which may be programmed to perform various trigger/switching functions.For correct operation, the IDS 805 must be used in conjunction with the specified transformer/battery combination and appropriate peripheral sensors and signalling devices

IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel 8 zone features;

  • 8 Zones (on-board)
  • Supports 4 keypads
  • 5 fully programmable outputs
  • On-board dialer
  • Dedicated remote and receiver available


IDS Intruder Alarm 805 panel 8 zone, The great thing with automatic alarms is that they allow one to keep their home safe even while away. One is also able to remotely control the system, monitor activations and receive real-time footage of perpetrators on mobile phone, tablet or PC as soon as the alarm is activated.

IDS Intruder Alarm 805 as an optional GSM module, which would then automatically send a message to the home owner in case the alarm is triggered, can also be installed with the system. With our intruder alarm systems and alarm response, protecting your loved ones has never been easier.

Features IDS Intruder Alarm 805;

Four wire keypad operation – up to a maximum of 4 keypads.

Eight, fully programmable, end-of-line (3K3) supervised zones, and 1 dedicated panic zone per keypad which is not end-of-line supervised.

Telephone line and siren monitoring.

Optional tamper and box tamper reporting per zone using double end-of-line resistors (12K and 4K7).

Fully programmable digital telephone communicator which supports most industry standard formats.

Five programmable trigger outputs.

Non-volatile EEPROM memory retains all program and event log data in the event of a total power failure.

Programmable loop response time for all zones (global).

Up and downloadable using IDS windows based software.

Excellent protection against lightning (provided by specialized zap tracking and transient suppressors).

Auto arm – panel can be programmed to arm daily at a predetermined time.

Event log (200 events) date and time stamped.

Fax defeat allows download access to the panel with other devices connected to the phone line.

Dual reporting provides for duplicated reporting to two independent central base stations.

Programmable silent or audible panic.

Unique dialler progress bar allowing for monitoring of dialler status

All zones are end-of-line supervised. Any unused zones must also be terminated with the appropriate resistor.

The end of line resistor should be placed inside or as close to the sensor as possible.

If the zones are not programmed to report tamper by zone i.e. a [0]is programmed into location 11 then use the 3K3 end-of-line resistor.

If the zones are programmed to report tamper by zone, the 4K7 and 12K end-of-line resistors should be connected as per Figure 2 below. The 4K7 and 12K resistors are not included with the panel but may be obtained from your local distributor of IDS products.



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